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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Little Bunting lifer 301

An unexpected opportunity to see another lifer in quick succession lead to a visit to Bedford - Great Barford by the river, feeding on seed put down by local birders. 
After about 30 mins I managed to see and get a record shot (with my canon compact camera) of a LITTLE BUNTING
Slightly small in the image, but the pale stripe above the eye and beard as well as the reddy brown crown are shown quite well. 
A great few days on the life list, now at #301
#77 for the year

Little Bunting by the river in Beds

Rear shot 

Saturday, 4 March 2017

College Lake with Harry

A weekend visit to the ressie with Harry - nothing new to be seen for the year but always nice to see Harry pointing to the birds and signing 'bird'!
A great sight to see Harry with the binos!!

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

The big 300!!! - Blue Rock Thrush in the Wolds

A fortuitous trip to Gloucester set up an en route tea break at Stow on the Wold to get my 300th bird species - a long staying BLUE ROCK THRUSH that has been in the Cotswolds housing area going from roof to gardens for some months. This MEGA bird should be in Southern Europe and is expected to return in Spring. Two MEGA birds in three days! Unexpected.
So, only another 99 to go for the magic 400!!

Quite Blue this Thrush in the right light! 
MEGA Blue rock thrush 
Nice sighting once it came down off the roof of number 9

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Lifer 299! Howay the lads

A lovely weekend up at Phil & Jans cottage in Warkworth with the family - a lifer only 10 minutes down the road at a big reservoir at East Chevington. After a long walk and bumping into some fellow twitchers who kindly gave me a lift back to the original hide , one of them spotted a fine looking PACIFIC DIVER quite close to the edge!
It's supposed to be in Canada or the likes - and has been there a while. A mega ! That's #299


Clear sight of the white neck 

Great close views of this MEGA

A walk back to meet up with Anna & Harry on a lovely but windy day - we then had a fab dinner in Amble in a seafood joint - yum!!!

Also on the lake and surrounding sea were


37 waxwing were reported right where we walked - but I didn't see them!! Oh well can't have everything..

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Front feeder action

Some great views on the front feeder this week:



Sunday, 5 February 2017

Local beardy

A couple of trips to Weston Turville Reservoir produced a fleeting view of a splendid male
BEARDED TIT - as to floated over the reed bed by the tin hide. Freezing conditions and no sun,so not ideal for a pic. A nice shot of a KINGFISHER through multiple branches and a vocal ROBIN.
WATER RAIL also called and flew into the reeds -as well as multiple REED BUNTING in the reeds
#62 for the year
Kingfisher at Weston Turville

Vocal Robin

Blue tit in the reeds

One of two wren

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Great White tick

A quick stop at Summer Leys Nature Reserve - just 10 mins from Northampton work place produced a GREAT WHITE EGRET, GADWALL & LAPWING.
Nice little spot that I hope to return to in the future
Year ticks at #55
GWE in the pouring rain